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Perspective - Earlier Version

PERSPECTIVE -- Downsize, Restructure, or Renew

MountainDuring moments of confusion or overload, uncertainty or too little time and too many choices, it helps me to step away, to get other views. I get a fresh perspective by taking the dogs for a walk in the woods, looking at art, hiking up a mountain, connecting with people in different parts of the world, listening to live music, learning from others with dissimilar experience. Stepping away -- even for a moment -- helps me see more clearly and see in new ways when I return.

"Perspective" is seeing the whole and grasping meaningful relationships of things and people. Standing on top of a mountain, I see the true proportions of river and tree, building and man, sky and earth -- and am reminded how insignificant my personal concerns are in the overall scheme of things. Walking in the woods, I become aware of how truly connected everything is with everything else. Listening to Vivaldi's music played in a thousand-year-old church in his "home town" of Venice, I am transported the same way his own neighbors must have been almost 400 years ago. I return to the present inspired and excited to be helping
contemporary leaders create and cultivate 21st century organizations.

This page will offer different perspectives that I hope will engage and enliven you. I also invite you to share yours with me and future visitors to this site. Focusing on work and life in our 21st century, let's see what we shall see, together.   ... Leni Gurin

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