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Why Choose LGA

A Virtual Organization:
Looking at the Bottom LineLGA Consultants, Inc. is a virtual organization that draws on a network of highly qualified consultants as needed to meet the unique staffing requirements of each client engagement. Whether you need a single OD consultant or a multi-disciplined team, you pay only for the direct services of outstanding professionals committed to helping you, not for overhead supporting other clients' needs.

Proactive Clients:
LGA helps organizations that are committed to growth, innovation, employee participation, and a high quality of worklife. They tend to lead or create change rather than just react to changing circumstances. Our clients are dealing with business issues such as integrating disparate cultures in acquired and merged organizations, responding to global competition, managing fast growth, jump-starting slow growth, retaining qualified employees, or launching new products or services. Many of our clients are dynamically altering their business strategy or adopting new modes of leadership and teamwork. We specialize in information technology organizations and professional services firms.

Hard and Soft Changes:
LGA helps clients achieve results by paying attention to both "soft" and "hard" issues, to people and relationships as well as to structure, processes and systems. Experience shows that organizations that ignore "soft" qualitative issues and focus only on the "hard" quantitative issues often fail to achieve lasting change. But interventions that focus only on people often fail to produce measurable business results. LGA helps address both. We help clients continually adapt to change as a fact of life, by fostering solutions that align people, practices, structure, strategy and systems to produce desired outcomes.

High Impact Results:
LGA works with clients to design projects that will accomplish specific high impact outcomes in relatively short timeframes. Client resources are leveraged to make the most cost-effective use of consultant support. We involve client staff (managers and employees) and other designated stakeholders (e.g., customers, suppliers, Board members) throughout the change process, which fosters continuous client learning, empowerment, and ownership of results. This approach keeps costs down and builds lasting client capacity and capability.


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