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Client Successes

Here's a sampling of our client success stories over the years. Your firm could easily be the next great success:

Organizational Effectiveness

Strategic Planning
PlanningFacilitated a management retreat for a division of a $1.2 billion science and technology company. The division had been experiencing shrinkage in a key market segment and managers were focused on the performance of their individual service areas, rather than the performance of the division as a whole. The retreat resulted in the development of and commitment to a shared division vision and mission, a joint strategy for developing business in targeted growth markets, and a new sense of team cohesion and shared purpose.

Strategic and Operational Planning and Development
Designed and facilitated a strategic planning and development process that incorporated leadership sub-team activities and two annual off-site retreats for the entire leadership team of senior scientists in both research and applied chemistry within the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST).  Process reduced interdepartmental conflict over annual funding decision-making and strengthened resource allocation, operational planning and peer partnership. 

Strategic and Marketing Planning
Designed and facilitated a strategic planning process for a growing public affairs and communications firm.  The high-involvement approach collected ideas and input from all staff and partners and resulted in a road map for marketing, financial and leadership development growth goals and strategies tailored to its creative and entrepreneurial culture.  A year after the plan’s completion, the firm is successfully meeting targets despite the economic downturn.


Performance Coaching for Teams
Coached a budget and accounting team with a history of interpersonal conflict and alienation from their internal clients. Workshops succeeded in enabling team members to collaborate for the first time on presentations to the chief executive and board members. Practicing new skills also provided a lasting foundation for improved interactions among previously antagonistic colleagues.

Executive Coaching
Dozens of executives and managers have benefited from individualized coaching by LGA that has helped them prepare for promotion, operate at higher levels of effectiveness, reduce the stress of specific challenges, improve peer and leader communication, strengthen relationships, enhance general and/or targeted performance, master career transitions and find greater satisfaction in their work and life.  Individual coaching plans start with client-defined goals and include specific milestones for evaluating progress.  Coaching plans are updated to reflect changing development needs as the process unfolds.  Examples include everything from handling tricky interpersonal issues — such as an executive working through conflict with a peer leader or board member — to an emerging leader developing the planning skills, strategic perspective and leadership influence needed to transition from mid-level management to executive success.

Team Coaching
Coaching33Coached the management team of a precision machine shop that designs and manufactures highly specialized and finely calibrated measurement equipment for a scientific research and measurement organization.  Over a two year period, the team enhanced their project management skills, developed and implemented an operations improvement plan, and learned to listen, problem-solve, negotiate and generally work better together as a team.  Individual and team assessments and exercises provided understanding and a common language for working with differences in individual styles, and managers learned ways to be more effective in challenging interactions.

Meeting and Retreat Facilitation

Management Retreat
managing45Designed and facilitated the first department-wide retreat for the financial services unit of an organization that was evolving to a values-centered high-performance model. The department had previously been managed in a strictly hierarchical, top-down style. The objectives of the meeting were to build a platform for increased employee empowerment and to create a shared departmental vision. A cross-functional, multi-level team was formed and developed a collaborative process that ensured employee participation in ongoing organizational changes.

Board and Senior Leadership Team Retreats
Designed and facilitated six annual retreats for the DC Bar Board of Governors, producing targeted action plans and practical solutions for a range of complex strategic leadership and stewardship issues as well as fostering collaboration among board members.  From one retreat, an ongoing governance committee was created which now allows consistent multi-year implementation strategy and initiatives beyond officer and member term limits.

Non-Proft Board Retreat
For a non-profit Board in conflict over significant issues, facilitated the annual Board retreat. Introduced a dialogue process that allowed members to openly and constructively deal with the “elephant(s) in the room”.  By the end of the two-day offsite, Board members came to consensus on goals, priorities, target milestones and accountabilities, and identified viable alternative strategies for contentious areas to work on in follow-up meetings.

Project Launch and Planning
Designed and facilitated two annual retreats for an NIH project leadership team, first to launch the project and foster a cohesive team with a clear mission and vision, then to strengthen planning and skills for on-going operations and management.


Leadership Development/Training

Diversity/Sexual Harassment Training
Led a team of subject matter experts in developing an award-winning multi-media EEO training program to prevent discrimination and support workplace diversity. Customized case studies and interactive exercises enabled participants to apply practical approaches for working constructively with diverse staff and limiting individual/organizational liability back on the job

FeedbackPerformance Management Training
Customized and facilitated modular performance management training programs, originated by Development Dimensions International (DDI), for multiple organizations.  Workshops are highly interactive, using customized case studies to practice new skills and techniques.  The training empowers employees to perform consistently at the top of their ability and skill, supports individual and team commitment, enables managers to hold underperforming employees accountable to improve their own performance, and helps sustain improved performance over time.

Customer Service Training
Tailored and delivered customer service training to management and staff of a higher education trade association, using customized case studies in a mixed media format.  The training focused on the entire chain of communication to ensure consistent responsiveness from the front lines to the back office and executives.  Case studies were designed to reflect actual and anticipated customer interactions, so participants continued to retain lessons learned back on the job.

Organizational Assessments

Business and Operations Assessment
Organization 2Conducted a corporate-wide organizational assessment for a $15+ billion organization that had recently undergone major downsizing, restructuring, and consolidation of multiple operating sites and facilities. Developed strategies and recommended actions to reduce barriers to desired changes in thirteen areas, including leadership development, performance measurement, communication, and overall alignment of organizational systems and structures to support the new strategic and behavioral goals.

Program Evaluation
Evaluated the effectiveness of a pilot community-policing program for a Maryland county government. Also designed and conducted focus groups and identified five key areas to better integrate community policing into daily operations and gain wider acceptance among the troops.

Upward Feedback System for Managers
Designed and implemented a customized upward feedback assessment, reporting system, and coaching process for the senior managers of an 80,000 member professional association.  System has now been in place for over eight years, the bi-annual process uses secure web-based access for rating, reports and administration.  Six categories of questions enable staff and subordinate managers to rate the management team based on defined and observable behavior-based criteria. The resulting data is used for individual and team coaching, as well as for designing leadership training.

360° Performance Feedback
Created 360° performance feedback instruments and an assessment process for a Federal agency to align its performance evaluations system with its new teamwork and customer service orientation. Installed survey, analysis, and feedback reporting software to support ongoing use of the new performance assessment approach.



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