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LGA - Leadership Growth in Action

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA is a leadership and organizational coaching and consulting practice based in the Washington DC area. 


LGA is in the focus business.   We coach leaders, teams and professionals to focus their attention and intention in ways that produce breakthroughs in the results and relationships that really matter to them.  

Leni GurinWe’re dedicated to helping our clients be better leaders and run more effective teams and enterprises, with greater ease and energy.  We coach clients to consciously and authentically bring their whole selves to all they do. 

Leni Gurin, President, LGA Consultants

4 RsToday’s leaders and organizations face daunting challenges and opportunities.  LGA works with individual executives and senior managers, emerging leaders, leadership teams
and entrepreneurial professional service organizations to creatively and constructively engage and empower themselves and the people they lead, serve, partner and team
with, to achieve desired

ConferenceAs a virtual firm, LGA offers a network of coaches and consultants with in-depth and broad industry, non-profit and government experience.  Our expertise is in organizational effectiveness, change management, leadership development, performance improvement and constructive communication.

Our clients are engaged in important, difficult and/or new work that demands imagination, initiative, and commitment as well as discipline, high levels of skill, knowledge, and attention.  As enterprising leaders, they care about both accomplishment and authenticity. 

LGA clients want to make consistently good decisions and take consistently effective action ― and engage others to do the same.  They want better ways to lead and partner.  And they’ll take all the help they can get.

What our enterprising clients really want is a trusted business partner who listens deeply and objectively, asks powerful questions, candidly explores organizational and leadership choices, challenges and possibilities.

They want a partner who also offers perspective, tools, options, approaches, systems, resources and roadmaps that the client can actually use to sort everything out, identify and choose fresh options, execute a plan of action, be accountable, and move from good idea to great result.

LGA serves as that trusted partner, offering seasoned coaching and consulting resources to leaders and teams who operate in a world of complex and unknowable change, where the solutions of the past no longer apply, and where no one can claim to have all the answers.  LGA helps clients find and deploy their best answers.


We offer two primary categories of services: Leadership and Team Coaching and Organizational Development Consulting:

  • Executive coaching
  • Emerging leader coaching
  • Leadership team coaching
  • Project team coaching
  • Coaching programs for departments, divisions, business units and enterprises




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