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LGA's Role

OUR Role:

LGA consultants serve as advisor, coach, facilitator, researcher and/or trainer depending on what you wish to accomplish. We leverage the knowledge, skills and abilities of your own people through coaching, facilitating and training. Rather than serving as an extra "pair of hands", LGA contributes organizational development and change management expertise. Our approach builds lasting capability, capacity and self reliance within your organization, instead of producing short-term results at the expense of long-term dependence. For example, we:

  • Provide objective guidance and advice on operations strategy and tactics
  • Conduct surveys, interviews, focus groups, benchmarking research, and various assessments to collect and synthesize intelligence that might not otherwise be available to you
  • Coach individual leaders, teams and work groups to communicate and interact more effectively
  • Facilitate meetings and group processes where participants collectively define, plan and produce targeted results
  • Teach useful tools and techniques, applied to real-life tasks
  • Review and assess the effectiveness of current programs against stated objectives
  • Model effective leadership and management behaviors and skills.


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