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Client Testimonials

“Leni’s coaching helped me better plan and manage strategic change, and more effectively negotiate conflict. 

Meeting SuccessSeen as an objective expert with high credibility with all stakeholders, Leni helped me sort through a number of opportunities and challenges, and enabled the leadership team to see the forest and the trees…and prioritize future actions.  Leni objectively captured and distilled key stakeholder concerns, priorities, goals, and potential obstacles, so we could strengthen implementation buy-in.

Her coaching was very personal and supportive―she helped me sort things out, gain new perspective, and communicate and collaborate more effectively.”

Amanda Deaver, Partner and COO,
Prism Public Affairs, 
Washington, DC


“Leni kept me on track to produce actionable results and be accountable for follow-up.  Her coaching strengthened my leadership and performance.  She provided candid feedback and perspective that helped me see new options, make better decisions, and develop better approaches to address important issues. Leni’s honest, objective feedback sharpened my focus on what really mattered – she doesn’t tell you what you want to hear but what you need to hear.

She also helped my leadership team develop a sense of accountability and become aware of our interdependence by working together to break down silos.

Leni creatively applied organizational effectiveness, leadership coaching, group facilitation, team building and change management to meet my and my organization’s needs and realities.”

Dr. William F. Koch, Senior Executive Service, US Federal Government, Retired (now a senior executive in private industry)


success“Leni Gurin is an incredible person to work with.  I had an employee relations issue with a senior executive that required a neutral third party to interview the affected staff members, identify the issues, identify possible solutions, and create a specific plan of action.   Leni accomplished all of this and more.  She gained the staff's trust and was able to put a plan of action into place that would benefit the organization.  Leni's work is very thorough and she gives 110% to try and resolve the situation.  It was a pleasure working with her and I would recommend her to anyone looking to hire an organizational development consultant and coach.”

Shelley Kee, Director of Human Resources,
The Aspen Institute


Success“Leni Gurin served as my coach for nearly a year.  Within that time Leni has helped me to successfully accomplish a variety of professional goals such as: transition into a new career; advance into a senior promotion; and negotiate a significant salary adjustment.  Leni also worked with me to effectively navigate a very tricky inter-office situation in which I became involved.  Due to her coaching on how to most professionally position myself in conversations and meetings around the situation, I was able to be transparent, maintain my integrity, and most importantly keep all valued relationships intact.

Leni is deeply invested in me and my personal and professional growth.  She demonstrates an innate ability to quickly assess the situation with strategic questioning which leads me to the root of how I am feeling and helps me to uncover how I want to proceed.  This is one of the things I value most about Leni – that the direction I take as a result of our sessions is authentic to me and can be comfortable with.  Leni also explores possibilities and impacts of the direction I am taking so I am fully prepared to handle a multitude of possible outcomes.

Leni’s expertise in coaching about language ensures that I communicate most effectively, and role playing helps me practice what I will say and how I will say it to better prepare myself for the conversation. 

Leni’s coaching is integrity-based, has increased my professional sophistication, concentrates on me exhibiting model behavior, and has contributed to my personal and professional growth.  I am eternally thankful for having Leni in my life and am excited to continue my fruitful relationship with her.”

Erica Tetuan, Senior Consultant and emerging leader,
Center for Organizational Effectiveness


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