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SERVICES: Organizational Assessments

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA applies a variety of assessment instruments to capture and provide feedback on styles, strengths, attitudes, and behavior as a basis for developing and improving individual, team and organizational effectiveness

Organization AssessmentWe design and apply customized 360° and/or 180° assessments and surveys as well as well-vetted established instruments to collect, identify, and analyze preferences, beliefs and behavior that in turn influence performance. 

For organizational effectiveness engagements, such data is collected early in the consulting process to help define issues and scope out potential options and obstacles.

LGA also uses that data as the basis for individual and team coaching and feedback in support of business, professional, personal and organizational growth and development goals.

  • Organizational change readiness
  • Business and operations effectiveness
  • Employee satisfaction and retention needs
  • Customer and other stakeholder satisfaction
  • Leadership and management effectiveness, including emotional intelligence (EQ)
  • Team effectiveness
  • Conflict styles
  • Skills and learning assessments (pre- and post-)
  • 360° assessment and feedback systems ― including the Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI)

LGA is also certified to administer the Myers Briggs Type Instrument (MBTI), DiSC Profile and other established instruments, and offers related introductory and application workshops that improve communication, strengthen teamwork and reduce conflict.

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