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SERVICES: Coaching

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA coaches leaders, teams and organizations to create the results and relationships they really want, with greater ease, energy and enjoyment.


LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA is dedicated to helping leaders and leadership teams enhance and sustain their leadership, professional and personal mastery through these coaching services:

  • Executive coaching
  • Emerging leader coaching
  • Leadership team and Board coaching
  • Leadership coaching for professional practitioners and entrepreneurs
  • Project team coaching
  • Department, business unit and enterprise-wide leadership coaching programs

LGA specializes in coaching professionals who lead professionals in private industry, non-profits, associations and government.

Our clients are lawyers, scientists, communications and PR specialists, educators, consultants, HR executives, IT and other technical specialists, senior operations leaders, program managers, and other professionals.

LGA’s clients are already resourceful and accomplished. They choose coaching because they’re committed to being better leaders and partners, and to fully tapping their creativity and talents, having a positive impact and enjoying balanced and satisfying careers and lives.

Continued success of our typical clients depends on:


  • Navigating complex challenges and changes in their markets and ways of doing business
  • Skillful and strategic communication ― conversations ― in multiple contexts, channels and forms, with diverse local and remote stakeholders
  • Making the most of every available resource
  • Leading, coaching, and teaming with multiple often distant colleagues and staff
  • Turning on a dime in response to dramatic shifts in client or stakeholder needs
  • Persevering through disappointment, discouragement and defeat
  • Consistent responsiveness, energy and engagement with clients and prospects, despite long periods without concrete results or definitive outcomes
  • Constructively resolving conflicts among sometimes difficult peers, partners, staff and rival stakeholders
  • Balancing many competing priorities
  • Overcoming overwork and overwhelm
  • Staying healthy and vital while under intense stress

Professionals choose LGA as a trusted partner because we help them deal with these kinds of challenges by focusing on the results and relationships that really matter to them.


Our coaching approach is based on the notion that the best way to transform our results is to shift the way we interpret and assess our experiences, thereby discovering new choices and energy for action.

LGA helps clients uncover fresh possibility in the midst of apparent impossibility, identify and highlight their existing strengths and resources, turn their ideas into effective action, and expand their ongoing capacity and capability well after coaching is over.

A confidential coaching plan and agreement with goals and success measures is drafted for every individual or team client at the initial session. (Where agreed upon up front, an individual’s boss or the team’s leader may have input to goals and success measures and receives periodic status reports from the coachee).

LGA then uses a tailored five-step coaching process that enables each individual and team to:

  1. Get very clear about the results and relationships they most want
  2. Identify and value their strengths, gifts, available resources and inspiration
  3. Create action plans based on their own “6C Leadership Capabilities" © profile [See specifics below under “WHAT MAKES LGA UNIQUE”]
  4. Name and reframe what might get in their way
  5. Play and stay at the top of their game ― put their “6 C’s” into action and cultivate ongoing resourcefulness, resilience, relationship and renewal

In implementing their action plans, clients observe and assess results against their success measures, fine-tuning their choices and actions as they go.

Throughout the process, clients gain valuable targeted tools, practices, learning and other resources that continue to help them adapt and grow long after coaching is over.

For organizations with existing leadership development strategies, LGA can tailor integrated coaching services to support other current programs, whether for individual leaders, teams, business units or enterprises.


LGA is dedicated to helping each individual and team cultivate their own mastery. We coach every client to be the best leader and partner they can be, regardless of their experience, level in the organization or scope of responsibilities.

As the centerpiece of our five-step coaching process, as an LGA client, you’ll use the "6C Leadership Capabilities"© to:

  1. Clarify your purpose, desired outcomes, goals, success measures, possibilities, challenges, and opportunities
  2. Commit to (consistently cultivate and be accountable for) the results and relationships that most matter to you
  3. Make powerful Choices that move you toward your desired outcomes
  4. Use what we call “3D Communication” for effective connection, engagement and action
  5. Lead from Center to master challenge, conflict and change
  6. Collaborate for highest impact

For clients to achieve sustainable mastery, success, and satisfaction, LGA clients also cultivate what we call “the 4 R’s”, which we believe are essential for sustainable leadership results, success and satisfaction in the 21st century:

4 Rs

In addition, organizational clients get access to LGA’s broad network of other professional coaches, expert consultants and specialists as needed.



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