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SERVICES: Leadership Development / Training

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA designs and delivers targeted leadership development and training programs in support of organizational effectiveness and strategic business goals.


LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA approaches leadership development and training as a key component of overall business strategy.   

We believe that leadership development and training should cultivate individual and team leadership capability and capacity at all levels, in service to business goals, stakeholder relationships and employee fulfillment.

To that end, LGA works with clients to design and implement a leadership strategy that promotes on-going high performance, organizational effectiveness and a learning culture. 


A sound leadership strategy is a comprehensive program for supporting high performance in the face of shifting and increasingly complex operational and marketplace challenges.


  • Defining and implementing any or all of the five steps of leadership strategy from identifying needed competencies and practices, to customizing and/or integrating the best of existing executive, leadership, management and team educational resources, to succession planning
  • Conducting leadership development and team training needs assessments
  • Designing customized curricula and courses
  • Class roomDelivering customized and pre-packaged workshops.  Examples include:
  • The 4 R’s of 21st Century Leadership – Resourcefulness, Resilience, Readiness and Renewal
  • Managing for High Performance
  • Managing Virtual Teams
  • Meetings that Matter ― Designing and Running Effective Meetings
  • Constructive Communication
  • NEW!  From Overwhelmed to Energized ― Finding an EASIER Way© Click for details
  • Performance Management – Not Just an Annual Event
  • Introductory and Application Workshops in Myers-Briggs and DiSC
  • Interaction Management (by Development Dimensions International, DDI) – Managing performance for an empowered workforce
  • Evaluating existing internal or external training programs
  • Applying the best practices of "learning organizations"
  • Designing and implementing 360° and upward feedback processes


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