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SERVICES: Team Building

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA designs and delivers targeted team building programs and activities in support of organizational effectiveness and leadership development initiatives.


LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA approaches team building as a key component of organizational effectiveness and leadership development.

TeambuildingLGA works with client leadership to define an integral team building approach for larger strategic, development and change processes.  Our team building approach may encompass team and individual coaching, group meeting/retreat facilitation, and/or training services during the course of an engagement.


  • Team design ― defining optimal team composition, mission, charter, desired outcomes, goals and success measures and team norms
  • Team launch ― developing a common language, shared values, vision and communication norms and approaches for team effectiveness
  • Trust building and conflict reduction when covert communications and actions are occurring behind the scenes
  • Strategies for establishing and managing virtual teams
  • Team transitions ― integrating new members and transitioning departing team members
  • Helping teams and work groups get "unstuck"
  • Coaching team leaders and members in the different stages of team development
  • Teaching team leaders and members how to facilitate effective live and virtual team meetings

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