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SERVICES: Organizational Effectiveness

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA coaches and supports leaders and teams to accomplish desired outcomes by creating an effective organization culture as well as aligning mission, vision, organization structure, systems and strategy.


Leadership Growth in Action/LGA applies a range of business, management, operations, organizational development and change expertise and experience to help clients create outstanding business results and a culture where people can be fully authentic, engaged, and constructive.

We see change management as the art and science of knowing how to change the day-to-day thinking, communication and behavior of people in an organization in order to achieve desired results. What LGA does is sharpen client focus on the beliefs, conversations and other behavior that are most likely to lead to accomplishment of the desired outcomes.

LGA integrates both leadership coaching and change management principles and approaches into all our organizational effectiveness engagements.

We provide targeted learning, tools, practices, action plans, processes, execution support and accountability that help small and mid-sized organizations at different stages of development, from start-ups to mature organizations, to companies in the midst of transforming their business models.

  • Culture design and change – clarifying and realigning values, beliefs and behavior
  • Organization design and restructuring
  • Strategic visioning and planning
  • Change management
  • Integrated tactical operational and project planning
  • Standards/metrics review, design and application
  • Program evaluation
  • Performance management systems and support
  • Business process analysis and improvement
  • Conflict clarification and implementation
  • Best practices research and implementation
  • Key "next actions" brainstorming and implementation



clientsOur organizational clients are primarily professional services firms, entrepreneurial companies, government agencies, trade associations, non-profits, and mid-sized divisions or business units within larger organizations.

LGA serves attorneys, scientists, communications and creative professionals, technology specialists, HR specialists and consultants of all stripes.  They provide business-to-business services, support internal customers in their organizations, provide programs and resources to institutional or professional members, or directly serve public constituents.

Executives and senior leaders hire LGA to help them address existing and emerging  organizational challenges and transitions, and to identify and take timely advantage of existing and emerging growth opportunities.


Our consulting clients want to maximize transparency, engagement, productivity and trust, and minimize conflict, disruption, and resource drain and pain.  Similar to our coaching clients, they recognize that their enterprise success depends on:

  • Navigating complex challenges and changes in their markets and ways of doing business
  • Skillful and strategic communication in multiple contexts, media, channels and forums, with diverse local and remote stakeholders
  • Making the most of every available resource
  • Leading, coaching, and teaming with multiple often distant stakeholders and strategic partners
  • Cultivating a culture that values and rewards leadership, innovation, integrity, excellence, transparency, collaboration, diversity, responsibility and development
  • Turning on a dime in response to dramatic shifts in client or other stakeholder needs
  • Continually innovating despite increased risk and resource constraints
  • Consistent responsiveness, energy and engagement with clients and prospects
  • Constructively resolving conflicts among sometimes difficult board members, peers, partners, staff and rival stakeholders
  • Balancing competing operational priorities and meeting deliverable dates and quality standards
  • Overcoming overwork and overwhelm
  • Personal as well as professional mastery and maturity
  • Staying financially, functionally and physically healthy and vital while under intense stress

As a trusted consulting partner, LGA helps clients decipher, design and deliver practical and cost-effective solutions for issues like these.

Tapping a virtual network of coaches, consultants and specialists, LGA helps clients define high-impact outcomes and success measures and also create practical action plans that navigate potential issues, obstacles and resistance, using high-engagement team development and deployment.

Our organization effectiveness engagements target specific development and growth challenges and opportunities in support of strategic business and mission-driven outcomes, goals, change initiatives and performance improvements.  We address the people side of business as the source of operational and financial success.

LGA engagements typically use a seven-step approach that is adapted to specific client timing requirements and resource availability.  The seven-step process defines desired outcomes, gathers and synthesizes key data, explores alternative solutions, engages stakeholder ownership of planning and execution, and provides a unique debrief and follow-up step for completion.  

Read about the 7-step engagement process

LGA partners with clients in advisory/coaching mode, project mode, or a combination of both, depending on client need and resource capability/capacity.  Regardless of the agreed-upon consulting mode, LGA’s organizational effectiveness services incorporate design and facilitation of key kick-off, brainstorming and progress meetings, and delivery of relevant leadership and team learning activities and materials at key points throughout the engagement.

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