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SERVICES: Group Facilitation

LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION/LGA designs and facilitates outcome-focused meetings and retreats that produce actionable results, reduce conflict and strengthen on-going collaboration and teamwork.


LEADERSHIP GROWTH IN ACTION /LGA designs meetings and retreats in support of targeted business and organizational effectiveness goals, usually as vehicles of a larger strategic process, rather than as stand-alone or one-off events.

Working with our client partners, we frame highly interactive meeting agendas that balance tasks, learning and teamwork to produce sustainable results.  Our meetings focus on tangible deliverables and defined follow-up actions, with clear responsibilities and accountability.

LGA facilitated meetings strengthen relationships by giving participants the chance to produce results and learn and play together in active, creative ways that engage the mind, body and emotions for meaningful and transformative connections. 

Meeting Facilitation

  • Executive, leadership team, management team and board meetings and retreats
  • All-hands meetings
  • Annual meetings
  • Brainstorming sessions
  • Focus groups
  • Project kick-offs
  • Team launch meetings (including virtual teams) for special projects and initiatives

LGA is familiar with "future search," "open systems," "appreciative inquiry," “action learning” and many other meeting and group methodologies and formats.  Rather than promote any one approach, we use a flexible design framework that can integrate various approaches to accommodate client needs and preferences.

As part of our broad consultant network, we also offer experts in outdoor adventure and other specialized meeting activities.


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