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SERVICES: Leadership Development, part 2

Benefits of Investing in a Sound Leadership Strategy




An effective leadership strategy reflects the needs of all stakeholders ― customers, suppliers, business partners, and shareholders as well as leaders and employees ― and enables the organization to:

  • Respond effectively to changing business and staffing needs
  • Communicate consistently and clearly about the leadership roles, and the knowledge, skills and behaviors that really matter in the organization
  • Make cost-effective training and development investments
  • Reduce hiring and turnover costs by increasing recruitment effectiveness
  • Motivate staff, leaders and managers by clarifying promotion criteria and giving them a voice in defining leadership excellence
  • Ensure that the culture and systems reward the leadership competencies that really matter to the business.


The Five Steps of LGA's Leadership Strategy:

  1. Define key competencies — the keystone of leadership strategy —identifying the range of technical, professional, and personal capabilities, styles, roles, knowledge, skills, practices and other behaviors needed to lead and manage the organization now and in the future.
  2. Assess current capabilities ― applying a range of methods to assess actual competencies against the desired key competencies.  Attitudes, values and behaviors are even more important than technical expertise in predicting managerial and leadership effectiveness.
  3. Develop individual and team capabilities ― providing focused coaching, training and development alternatives to fill the gap between existing and required/desired leadership and management capabilities.
  4. Align related systems ― making sure that all the organizational systems that communicate expectations and measure and reward performance actually reinforce the desired key competencies.
  5. Succession planning and implementation ― creating and using competency-based models to screen and prepare internal candidates and recruit external candidates who will have a high likelihood of future leadership success in the client organization.


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